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Custom Wedding Rings for M & M

Custom wedding ring

Mark was one of our first customers and his story is at the core of what we stand for at Westies & Co. Mark is a founding partner at McConnell & Borow, Inc. / PropArt and he has been designing props and sets for commercials, window displays, and print ads since 1983. A veteran designer and RISD alumnus, Mark has a keen eye for visuals. When he decided to marry his long time partner, named Marc, he knew that he wanted more than a mass produced wedding band to signify their years of commitment to each other. Westies & Co worked with Mark to create a design that would look great once cast in white gold. Mark decided on an “M” and “M” band motif to symbolize the special bond of Mark and Marc.

The original prototype 3D printed in plastic

PLA prototype ring

We worked with Mark and iterated upon the proportions of his design in order to ensure the highest quality final product. We 3D printed Mark’s original design in a plastic material and mailed it to him to use as reference. We then refined the proportions of the ring so that all the intended details would come through after the casting and polishing process.

Measuring the prototype ring

 Measuring the prototype

After this initial round of design, we were ready to cast and finish the pendant. Mark was able to view the unpolished rings straight from the casting house and then select his finish.

The rings before they were polished

Unpolished wedding rings


We polished the rings to Mark’s specification and he was very happy with the final product. In his own words:

“It was a great pleasure working with Fahmina and her team at at Westie's on our wedding rings. Marc and I are really happy with the beautiful rings. I think it’s what finally got him down the isle!  And yes, we’re still happily married!” 

Mark with his finished ring

Mark with his new Westies & Co wedding ring

At Westies & Co, we favor quality above everything else. We loved working with Mark and sharing our expertise in using 3D printing to make the finest quality jewelry with a veteran designer.

The finished M&M engagement rings

Finished custom wedding bands

But you don’t have to be a designer to work with us. We offer consultation sessions to turn anything, be it a simple drawing or a verbal concept, into the fine custom piece of your dreams. Capturing your sentimental memories in gold is our passion. Contact us now to start working on your future heirloom.


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