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Lucas Designed a Personalized Gift for his Girlfriend

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Lucas, our brand ambassador wanted to create a custom holiday gift for his girlfriend Bridgette. He knew that she always wore a 14k yellow gold chain around her neck and he wanted to create a personalized pendant for that chain. He realized that avocado's were a symbolic part of their relationship because she brought that part of the Californian diet to his attention and now he is obsessed. This inspired him to gift her a pendant in the shape of an avocado.

He consulted with Westies & Co, and we decided the way to truly make this pendant feel personalized was to make it multi-material, with a silver body and a gold pit, and engrave her initials on the back. Lucas wanted her initials to be in her handwriting, so he stealthily copped some hand writing samples and sent them over to us. 

Sample of Bridgette's Handwriting

We took the sample of her handwriting and created a vector file that we could use to engrave the letters on the back of the 3D model. 

Intials Vector File

Vector File of Bridgett's Initials

We then used this to create a 3D model of the pendant. We prepared the file it two pieces that could be cast separately in sterling silver and 14K yellow gold. The gold and silver were designed to pressure fit together like puzzle pieces and be soldered in place. 


3D Model of Bridgette's Avocado Pendant

Lucas gave Bridgette her surprise gift on Christmas morning and she absolutely loved it. In her own words, "I really enjoy this pendant because it was given to me by someone special, and it represents my personality well. The personalization really makes it unique to me and it will always remind me that someone I love cares for me."

Back of the Pendant


Westies & Co can help you make truly personal gifts because we can 3D model, print, and cast jewelry in any shape. If you want a truly special gift for a loved one for a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine's Day, reach out to us using our custom inquiry page. 

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