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Yung Costanza's Custom Silver Signet Ring

Custom signet ring

If you've never heard of Yung Costanza, you still might have heard of his social media exploits. Between making fire memes that resonate with the youth and managing VICE's social presence, he saw a few Westies & Co custom rings in the wild and let us know he had to have one. In his own words, he wanted a "signet ring like a Roman emperor." Westies & Co quickly took his measurements and got to work designing YC's ring. He drew up a design that reflected his nickname and accented it by putting some respect on his hometown of Brooklyn. The process of going from a notebook paper sketch to a fully realized object is something that feels like magic.

Sketch of YC's design

YC's signet ring 3d printed in Solidscape wax.

Generally signet rings are carved by hand, but here at Westies & Co we have the secrets to 3d printing these expediently. This helped ensure a quick turnaround and precise execution of his design ideas. Finally, we finished the ring with matte and polished surfaces to place emphasis on the various motifs and give the piece additional depth. 

YC Ring on a Guyanese flag (from @yc)

At Westies & Co we take pride in our work and making every one of our custom pieces to the highest standards in NYC's Diamond district. We want you to look like a million, while realizing that your custom jewelry budget is probably a couple orders of magnitude lower than that.

If you're interested in a custom signet ring or other jewelry, start by checking out our Instagram page to see more of the process and dropping us a line at our custom order page.


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