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Oliver Doren's Chile Gold 100 Pesos Coin Pendant

coin pendant Custom

Oliver is an implementer at a Silicon Valley firm with a very low key culture. When he approached Westies & Co, he was disappointed with what the jewelry market had to offer. He wanted to create something that reflected his Chilean heritage but only had a vague idea of how to make that into a piece he would want to wear. He needed to go custom and after a quick conversation, he trusted Westies & Co with the job. We decided to use a Chilean gold 100 Pesos coin to make a one of a kind coin pendant.

Chile 100 Peso Gold Coin Pendant

Chile Gold 100 Pesos Coin Pendant - Front

Chile 100 Peso Gold Coin Pendant Back

Child Gold 100 Pesos Coin Pendant - Back

At Westies & Co, we love projects like this because they give us a chance to separate ourselves. A lot of jewelry companies make coin bezels efficiently by cutting the bezel in half, allowing easy adjustment, but also creating visually unappealing split. We took this coin bezel to the next level by casting it in one piece and channel setting the coin. Paying close attention to details like this is the difference between good and great. This gives the pendant a clean, subtle, and minimal look that was desired while securely holding the precious 22K gold coin.

If you're in the market for a custom coin pendant, we can do it all. Coin pendants are a great way to wear the gold coin or bar that you already have and can be made to fit any style. They can be minimal like Oliver's or go all out with gemstone accents and custom flourishes. Let Westies & Co handle all of your custom jewelry needs by visiting our custom inquiry page.

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